Yellow Crane Tower – The Historical Icon of China!

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The formidable Structure that is standing tall rivalling the modern buildings is the Yellow Crane Tower. The tower is a reflection of meticulous Chinese architecture and the countries rich and cultural heritage.


According to literary evidence, the tower was said to be built in 223AD and has been said to be destroyed more than 12 times due to various invasions and accidents. The tower that is standing today was rebuilt in 1957.

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The significance of the Tower

According to Chinese folklore, the building was believed to be portal that connects the heaven and earth and it is a sacred site of Daoism.


The tower and its surroundings have been marked as Yellow Crane Tower Park and a tour can be arranged for you with a guide at the entrance of the park. Considered as one of the four Great towers of China, the building has been built using modern materials preserving its ancient and traditional outlook. Millions of tourist visit here annually and it are classified as an AAAAA Scenic area.

Visiting here

You can visit by a taxi if you are stationed in a conventional Wuhan accommodation or at a serviced apartment the likes of Citadines Zhuankou Wuhan. If not, you can take a take trolley bus and get off at Huang He Lou (Yellow Crane Tower) station.

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