Amazing Deserts of Qatar – Away from Doha

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Qataris are glad for their shining, ultramodern capital Doha, however, their hearts are still in the sand dunes and the starry nights that belong in the deserts of Qatar.

The Getaway

Each end of the week in the winter months, families pack their jeeps with outdoors goods and gear and go to the deserts, which cover a significant part of the Gulf state. Hill bashing and outdoors under a shelter of stars are the end of the week features for some. At the end of the desert, the sands meet the water too.


The expansive campgrounds in the north have to be booked way ahead of time. There are at least 3 tents – 2 for resting and one to be used as a family room. Amidst the camp, sitting above the dunes is the fire pit. There are protection and opportunity here for families. If you don’t want to be camping but still want to be close to the desert, you can use one of the many Doha hotel deals and stay at a hotel like Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

Now showing Photo, Three Bedroom Overwater Villa At Night
Image Credit: Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

The Desert

No desert is the same as the one you will see in Qatar. The view and landscape are different significantly. Southwest of Doha, you can encounter the regular wonder of the Singing Sand Dunes. This gathering of golden sands murmurs as they slide down and this sound resounds for miles.

File:Singing sand dunes.jpg
PeterSinging sand dunesCC BY 2.0


On the area’s west drift colossal developments of limestone rocks have been moulded by the breeze. The rough scene is hard and feels like you are on another planet.

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