Best vacation destinations in Asia – have a purely Asian experience


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If you are a swashbuckler who’s got a knack for adventure, Asia is definitely the place to be roaming about. This region has a rich culture and fabulous metropolises at the same time making it the ultimate treasure trove!

Image by Dado, LocationAsia, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong

Formerly part of the British colony, Hong Kong is a blend of colourful Chinese culture with a hint of western in it. The city is full of superstructures, restaurants and markets while the islands nearby are flourishing with natural beauty.


This cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean was meant to be the ultimate beach paradise in Asia! The islands have been converted to many a Maldives beach resort. Thus, the perfect way to experience crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches would be a stay at overwater bungalows such as those at Milaidhoo Island Maldives.


This is one of the busiest and most fast-paced cities in the entire world! Tokyo is a great place to shop and enjoy fantastic sushi too! Even the overcrowded streets and LED hoardings bring in a novel city experience in Asia!


With tall limestone rock formations surrounded by turquoise waters, Phuket offers a unique holiday destination unlike any other. Accommodation in this tropical haven is quite affordable too!


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