Democracy Monument in Bangkok – A sign of Democracy

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Democracy monument, Bangkok, Thailand
Democracy monument, Bangkok, Thailand | Img credit : Marek SlusarczykDemocracy monument, Bangkok, ThailandCC BY 3.0


The Democracy Monument in Bangkok is right in the middle of the city and was put up to memorialize Thailand’s liberty and democracy.



The Democracy Monument was built in 1939, to commemorate the fact that Thailand adopted liberty and democracy. Designed by Maeo Aphaiyawong, the monument holds the Thai Constitution of 1932 too.



The centrepiece has the constitution written on it and the four wings of the monument that spreads out on the corners represent the four departments of the armed forces in Thailand, namely, navy, army, police, and air force.



Each wing is about 24 metres tall and the six gates seen in the turrets represent the 6 policies of the regime of Phibun; internal peace, independence, education, economy, freedom, and equality. The seventy-five cannon balls around the monument are there to indicate the era of Buddhism in 1932 AD.



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