Honeymoon in Maldives – The Perfect Island Getaway

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The honeymoon is not just to unwind and relax after all the activity (and stress some may add!) of the wedding day, but where you and that special someone can spend quality time together. Here are a few reasons why to consider a honeymoon in Maldives.

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The Perfect Package

Since the country is such a popular destination for honeymoons, you can find some great offers for newlyweds. Do check out Maldives water villa honeymoon packages at private island resorts which usually feature everything from intimate dining to spa treatments for couples.

The Ideal Escape

Seclusion and stunning coastal scenery combine to make accommodation well-suited for couples. Resorts such as Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives feature overwater villas with private pools and steps leading to the waters below, making them ideal for a honeymoon hideaway. Tip; think about a romantic swim together!

Romantic Dining

There’s nothing more romantic than dining under the stars amidst the soothing serenade of the ocean. Some Maldives resorts even offer dinner on a private sandbank which ensures total privacy, while meals are prepared by your own personal chef. For something different opt for dinner on a traditional dhoni boat as you sail into the sunset.

Spa Bliss

To help you unwind, resorts in Maldives have special spa treatments, especially for couples. Utilising traditional healing and western wellness techniques, such therapies will help you and your loved one feel truly relaxed and rejuvenated.



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