What to do when on Holiday in Seychelles – Discovering Seychelles

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Rimmed with beaches of powdery white sand and azure blue waters that sparkle in the sunlight, this cluster of islands called Seychelles is one of the most amazing travel and leisure destinations in the world! Here are a few things to do when on your holiday here.

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Boat Charters

For those diving and snorkelling enthusiasts out there, why not take this opportunity to explore what lies beneath the surface of these crystal clear blue waters that surround the island? While on your diving excursion take the liberty to explore the smaller islands close to Mahe.


What’s a holiday without a small gamble? Hit the casinos in Seychelles for just a little bit of mischief and maybe even win some cash! Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casinowhich is a Mahe beach resort is one possible option for some fun.

Fishing Trips

If you are a fan of fishing, then sign up for a fishing excursion in Seychelles. Be it game fish or deep-sea fishing, your choice is available here. So, grab that line and hook and get ready for an amazing fishing trip in the Indian Ocean.

Hiking and trekking

Now, this is for the adventurous to discover the wonders of this island! In Seychelles, there are several trekking excursions that are categorised according to the difficulty level. Select from a wide choice and st off to marvel at the wonders of nature.

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