Exploring Praslin Island – Paradise getaways

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Praslin is a great place to visit for those with a love for the great outdoors. From natural beauty all the way to man-made wonders, the island is full of magical delights waiting to be explored.


Play some golf

The Lemuria Resort Golf Course is considered to be one of the most exquisite golf courses in the world. The establishment provides various professional grade workshops, golf courses and play sessions with caddies. If you are a lover of golf, then be sure to not miss a chance to play at the extraordinary Lemuria Resort Golf Course.

Enjoy a few guided tours

You can roam through the island as you see fit and the guide will point out the interesting sights while also explaining any local cultural information and folklore.

Venture out to sea

You can charter a boat from your hotel or find a reliable boat rental service to explore the beautiful ocean around the island. Visitors can choose from a full day and half day packages. Chartering a boat will allow you to snorkel, island hop, fish and to enjoy a delicious meal made from the catch of the day afterwards.


Finding Praslin hotels to stay at is not much of a hassle if you know what kind of vacation you want, an example of a luxury vacay stay would be Berjaya Praslin Resort, for instance.

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