Dining in Praslin – Gourmet Fusions

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Cuisine in Seychelles is a marvellous treat owing to the fact that it is a fine amalgamation of English, African, Indian, Chinese and French cooking methods. Here are some must-try dishes.



Ladob is a dish that can be eaten as a dessert or savoury treat. The sweet version consists of ripe plantains and sweet potatoes including the likes of breadfruit, corossol or cassava. The ingredients are boiled in thick coconut milk together with vanilla, nutmeg and sugar. The resulting dish is a soft and creamy pudding-like a meal.

Enjoy the Seafood

Beef in Seychelles denominates turtle meat and a favourite combination seafood meal will consist of jackfish terrine, chicken salad together with palm heart and banana flower chutney served on a bed of rice. Red snapper is often grilled with garlic and ginger and served with salad, vegetables and rice.

Fish Steaks and Rich Curries

King Fish and Tuna make excellent steaks in Seychelles; grilled with butter and garlic this dish is served with the famous Creole sauce. This flavoursome sauce is made with a mix of tomatoes, green bell pepper, onions and cayenne pepper. Cote d’Or Esplanade, home to Berjaya Praslin Resort and many well reputed Seychelles restaurants is the most beautiful amongst Praslin’s beaches.

The Best Snacks and Appetizers

You must try the octopus salad made with fresh octopus, tomatoes, onions and a dash of zesty lemon juice. This is a dish that precedes the main course. Afternoon snacks too are quite popular with a favourite being Carotte Bananas; the very local dish is made with bananas that are wrapped in banana leaves together with honey and vanilla.

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