Kids Friendly Places in Dubai – An Unforgettable Holiday for Your Kids!!!

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Dubai offers many attractions which can be enjoyed by both adults and kids, read on to find out more about some super fun, kid-friendly attractions to visit.


Make New Friends at Dolphin Bay

Get set to splash around with some friendly mammals at Dolphin Bay; it is a habitat site which aims to educate visitors about these sociable creatures and is guaranteed to be a fun experience for children of all ages. The site can be easily reached from many a Palm Jumeirah hotel in Dubai including the likes of DUKES DUBAI.

Try the Fun Rides at Wild Wadi

Visit Wild Wadi, to beat the heat with over 30 fun attractions waiting for the entire family, from exhilarating rollercoaster rides to simply drifting along a river on a float, the options are endless while here. A separate area with smaller slides and dumping buckets are available for younger visitors as well.

Go on a Desert Adventure

Make unforgettable memories in the desert with fun activities such as camel rides, sand boarding or simply sign up for an exciting desert safari complete with crazy sand dune rides.

Visit the Kite Beach for Some Outdoor Adventures

Kite Beach is the ultimate adventure gym for kids of all ages and is the perfect place to spend some quality time with them. It comes replete with a skate park, outdoor trampolines and a separate play area for toddlers.

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