Royal Palace Park, Kandy – The Astounding Botanical Garden of Sri Lanka’s Last King

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Kandy is one of the most popular tourist destinations that Sri Lanka has to offer, and was where the last kingdom of Sri Lanka was situated, so there are many attractions to experience.

Image Credit- AntanOWales Park, KandyCC BY-SA 4.0

The Royal Palace Park

Also known as ‘Wales Park’, this is a small yet beautiful botanical garden that is situated on a hill in the heart of Kandy. The park overlooks many of the iconic landmarks of Kandy such as the lake, making it a beautiful place to visit.

Royal Heritage

In addition to the park being built under the behest of the last king of Sri Lanka, the site where it is situated used to the site of a palace, belonging to an earlier ruler. As a result of this, it was referred to as ‘Castle Hill’ by the British.


The initial garden fell into neglect until it was discovered by a government agent by the name of Herbert Wace. He led the restorations of the park and is responsible for the beautiful botanical landscape that exists today. The park attracts many visitors, and if you find yourself in a hotel Kandy has to offer such as Kings Pavilion Kandy, be sure to visit this piece of heritage.

The Japanese Field Gun

A somewhat peculiar sight within the park is the massive canon that was confiscated by the British Army in Burma during World War 2 and was gifted to the city of Kandy.

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