Shark Season in the Maldives – Face-to-Face with Jaws!

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Starting from January to until March it is considered Shark Season in the Maldives. But this is not just one shark we’re talking about; it’s about being surrounded by the savviest predator in the ocean.

Getting to the Bottom of It

You can see the sharks by either diving or snorkeling. Diving is encouraged if you want to get close to the creatures and swim alongside them while snorkeling is popular among those that want to see whale sharks.

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An Abundance of Sharks

About 26 species of sharks have been identified within the Maldivian archipelago and there’s a high possibility that you could spot many of them; tiger sharks, hammerheads, ocean whitetips, blacktips, and whale sharks to name a few. Hammerhead sharks and whale sharks are abundant during the season along the South Atolls and one can schedule a dive liveaboard trip from a nearby resort such as Adaaran Prestige Vadoo.

Hammerhead Wonderland

The Maldives is known as the best location in the world to experience diving with Hammerhead sharks. Hammerheads are known to be a bit cannibalistic even though they’re considered omnivores. Hammerheads aren’t known to attack humans unprovoked compared to their rather fearsome cousins. You can enjoy getting up close and personal with these mysterious beasts. They spend a lot of time in schools during the day.

Calm Above, Busy Below

A holiday in any Maldives luxury resort can bring you access to the busy shark-infested waters of the Indian Ocean. If sharks are too adrenaline-inducing for you, you can also try snorkeling, dolphin spotting or hopping from island to island getting to know the local culture and engaging with the local people.

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