Taking in the beauty of Bali – A beautiful island escape

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Dotted with small and character -filled villages, mesmeric beaches, stunning reefs and lush rice fields, Bali a perfect island gateway to spice up your holiday. Do read on to know why.

Dreamland Beach Bali| Img by: Krismarti via Wikimedia Commons,

Captivating cultural scene

Bali’s beauty indicates many profound implications than its eye-catching appearance. More unique than its mesmerizing natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and even its religious sites, Bali’s culture is closely linked with the lifestyles of the people living here. Simply put, culture sets the natural rhythms and marks the pace of life. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot some of the festive celebrations like Sanur Village Festival.

Idyllic beaches

The tropical island of Bali is blessed with many secret beaches that are tucked away in its little corners. When in Bali, an essential experience is to spend time at a tranquil, beautiful beach. Who would dislike relaxing salty swims, crystal clear waters and lashing of sunshine during your holiday? Each beach has its own character and atmosphere!

The temples

If there’s a thing that would go beyond Bali’s mesmeric beaches, that’s certainly its numerous temples. In spite of its religious importance, temple tours are popular among many tourists since most of the temples are set against some of the most scenic backdrops providing an amazing spiritual experience for locals and tourists alike.

The natural riches

Beyond beaches and religious sites, Bali is blessed with every kind of natural beauty. Scenic lakes, cascading waterfalls, and iconic rice fields make up the island’s landscape. Those who visit this part of the world have a plethora of accommodations such as Alila Hotels and Resorts. Such hotel chains offer personalized services through programmes like Alila DISCOVERY loyalty programme to make your holiday in Bali unforgettable.



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