The Ayala Triangle of Makati – Bask in greenery in the city!

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The Ayala Triangle is an urban garden located in central Makati which was originally an airport, pre-World War 2. It has since been converted into a haven situated inside a busy city filled to the brim with lush trees, work of public art and a strip of restaurants that accommodate all. Interested in finding out more about the Ayala Triangle of Makati?

Ayala Triangle
Ayala Triangle | Image Credit :Kenthics marker, Ayala Triangle Gardens at Night, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Origins

The Ayala Triangle was originally Manila’s airport before the Second World War. Afterwards, it was decommissioned and converted into a business locale. The aeroplane runways formed the borders of the Triangle! The airport’s control tower was conserved and transformed into what is today the Filipinas Heritage Library.

Contemporary Significance

Today, the park has over a hundred trees of different species. It is also home to numerous art pieces designed by the country’s leading artists. There are monuments to public figures dotted throughout the Triangle as well. The most current renovations would be the boulevard of chic restaurants which have proven to be highly successful!

City Life

Makati being the hub of business and social life, the Ayala Triangle offers a space of greenery that is much needed in the area. If you’re on the lookout for serviced apartments in Makati, there are more than plenty to pick from like Ascott Makati for instance.

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