The Best Night Markets in Thailand – Add more Colour to Your Night in Thailand!


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There are a number of awesome things one could do after sundown in Thailand. Among them, visiting the night markets is certainly worth killing your sleep. Read on to know about 4 of the best night markets in Thailand.

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AdbarNight Market Chiang MaiCC BY-SA 3.0

Khon Kaen Night Market

Being one of the most popular night markets in Thailand the Khon Kaen Night Market is special for selling fresh produce and local food. Located at close proximity places the likes of AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, which is a renowned hotel in Khon Kaen, the night market must be added to your itinerary if you are planning to visit Khon Kaen.

Roi Fat Market

There are two markets in this name in Bangkok, but the bigger one is the better one and it is located behind the Seacon Shopping Mall. This market is very much popular for its food stalls and it is an ideal option to satiate your midnight food cravings.

Chiang Mai Walking Street

This is a kilometre long walking strip that is composed of numerous stalls that sells clothing items, souvenirs, ornaments to decadent street food. it also boasts a tranquil ambience and is certainly a place worth spending your night.

File:Chiangmai walking street (Saturday only, Wualai Rd.) - panoramio (2).jpg
chootrong, Chiangmai walking street (Saturday only, Wualai Rd.) – panoramio (2)CC BY 3.0

Asiatique the Riverfront

Boasting an exquisite riverfront view, the Asiatique is one of the ultramodern market spaces in Thailand. It houses a number of flagship stores and stalls that sells fashionable items and it also houses a Ferris wheel. The Asiatique is open to the public from 5 pm till midnight.

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Prachanart ViriyaraksAsiatique The Riverfront BangkokCC BY 2.0


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