The Best Ways of Getting In and Around Kalutara – South Coast Journeys

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Planning a coastal getaway to idyllic Kalutara? Here are the most popular forms of transport to this seaside locale as well as how to get around for some exploring.

Private Vehicles / Transfers

Kalutara is only around an hour’s drive from the commercial capital, Colombo; it can be easily accessed by private or hired vehicles via the main coastal road known as Galle Road or the Southern Expressway. Certain resorts such as Anantara Kalutara Resort also offer chauffeur-driven transfers from the airport as well as organise helicopter arrivals!

Train Journeys

If you’re looking for a scenic ride along the south coast, then definitely consider a train journey to Kalutara for a stay at your luxury villa in Sri Lanka. The main train station can be found in Fort (Colombo) while depending on the location of your hotel or resort, you will need to get down at the Kalutara South or Kalutara North stations.

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Rehman Abubakr, SriLanka-Independence – 4 Feb 2019 (6)CC BY-SA 4.0

Bus Travel

This destination can also be accessed by public bus services that run along Galle Road. Buses (both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned) to Kalutara or further destinations (such as Galle and Matara) can be taken from the main bus station in Fort (Colombo). Space for luggage in buses can be limited so do keep that in mind.

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Nuwands1Luxury bus sri lankaCC BY-SA 4.0

Getting Around

In Kalutara itself, you can look to use tuk-tuks to certain attractions like the Kalutara Temple or Richmond Castle. Some resorts will offer guided excursions, while a great option would be to take a bike tour and enjoy some pedal-powered sightseeing!

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