The Many Hidden Treasures of Bali – Experience Bali Differently

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Yes, you’ve got it right! Bali is definitely all about the otherworldly temples and romantic beaches. But is that all there is to this cluster of islands? There is a secret side to Bali that is fun and mischievous too! Let’s take a look.

Horse riding on the beach?

If you are getting the feeling that this is something out of a fairy tale, well you are not mistaken! Your story will begin on Canggu Beach in Bali. Walk up to the friendly guides on the beach and hire your adorable horse for as long as 40 minutes. Hop on and enjoy the ride while watching the tumbling waves of the sea.

A camel ride on the beach?

Wait a second, who knew there were camels in Bali? Now, this is truly something unique! The Australian camels (who apparently have just one hump) will offer you a wonderful experience with a 1-hour ride across the soft sands of the shores.

See life in the locals’ perspective

You might be able to enjoy a stay in a Bali hotel in Seminyak, such as the well-known Alila Seminyak. However, many of the local folk wouldn’t even have half of the comforts you’d find here. Taking a closer look at how locals live is will surely humble your soul.

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Sunsets and paddy fields

This may not sound like your typical holiday sunset experience, nevertheless, the sigh of the setting sun against the lush green paddy fields are indeed breath-taking!

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