A Nature Lover’s Paradise: Jeju island – A magical experience guaranteed!

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Off the coast of South Korea, the small island called Jeju became popular first among local honeymooners for its cosy atmosphere. Later on, its popularity reached the rest of the world, now, it is a peaceful tourist destination that caters to nature lovers and those wish to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Jeju island
Jeju island | Image Credit : Engin Cukuroglu, Jeju Island Jusangjeolli Cliff, CC BY-SA 4.0

Few Crowds

Due to constant threats from North Korea and the on-going brawl about air-space with China has no doubt been a blow to tourism. However, Jeju Island has gradually begun to see progress with non-Asian tourists. The island is now less crowded, allowing a relaxed experience.

Island feels

The Kdrama named Warm and Cosy was filmed a few years back in Jeju Island precisely because the island is certainly warm and cosy! It is known to be warmer than the mainland. The homes and eateries here serve up some of those amazing seafood dishes and the island by night is a sight that is not to be missed.

Magical Jeju

During springtime, the island is transformed into a magical scene. The Sakura trees and Canola trees that line the streets are lit up with vibrant flowers on every branch. With the rays of the sun shining down on them, the flowers emanate a mystique glow.

Jeju for K-pop fans

The island seems to be a popular destination selected for filming purposes due to its lovely natural backdrops. The Kpop Museum might appeal to fans, if one can’t meet them in person, then it is now possible to dance, sing and speak to hologram versions of stars. For those on the lookout for Jeju Island accommodation, hotels such as Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World are available in plenty.

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