The Historic city of Jeddah – A journey into the past

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Situated in Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea, is where you’ll find the city of Jeddah. This historical city can be traced back to almost 2500 years when it was just a simple fishing village. The following are places you can visit to see snippets of the past.

Naseef House
Naseef House | Image Credit : Muna al-Mahdi, Naseef House 3, CC BY-SA 3.0

Nasseef House

At the heart of Jeddah is where you can find Nasseef House, an important monument. 22-minutes away from Spectrums Residence Jeddah and other similar hotel apartments in Jeddah, this monument is a must see! The building took a total of nine years to complete and was constructed in 1872 for Sheikh Omar Nasseef. The monument gained popularity after King Abdulaziz stayed there, hosted by Nasseef in 1925.

Ancient Dwellings

The houses you’ll find in Old Jeddah are all made to a distinct style, which is the dominant architectural style of the Hijaz region. Most of these buildings have stood against the test of time, mainly due to their strength and durability. The most notable of these are Dar Al Nassif, Dar Al-Qabil and Al-Shafi’i Mosque in Harrat.

Historic districts

Inside the walls of Jeddah, the city is divided into a number of different districts. The most well known out of them is Harrat Al-Mathloum, featuring the town’s oldest mosque. Harrat Al-Sham, Harrat Al-Yemen, and Harrat Al-Bahar are the other ancient districts.

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