Best Places to Visit in Quy Nhon – Countryside Beaches!

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Quy Nhon is a coastal city situated in central Vietnam and one that is blessed by serene beaches and picturesque mountains. Quy Nhon is also lucky in that it is off the radar for many travellers, thereby guaranteeing you a true getaway. Interested in learning more about the best places to visit in Quy Nhon?

1). Ky Co Beach

Only a couple of kilometres away from Quy Nhon city, this is a sun-kissed beach surrounded by clear waters and impressive cliffs! Ky Co Beach is easily accessed by a fishing boat or a speedboat from the nearby Nhon Ly village.

File:Ky Co beach, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam.jpg
Lê Hồ BắcKy Co beach, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, VietnamCC BY-SA 4.0

2). Thap Doi Tower

Quy Nhon is renowned for its Champaera ruins of which it has the highest out of all the provinces in Vietnam! The Thai Dop Towers is at the centre of this beautiful city. If you’re on the lookout for a Quy Nhon hotel while you explore these ancient structures, there are several to pick from, including Anantara Quy Nhon Villas for example.

File:Tháp Đôi, Quy Nhơn, Bình Định.JPG
Dongson*vmvn at Vietnamese WikipediaTháp Đôi, Quy Nhơn, Bình ĐịnhCC BY-SA 3.0

3). Eo Gio the Windy Pass

If you’re a traveller looking for a rush of adrenaline, this is the place for you go to! Explore exciting caves and experience wild waves crashing against the rock walls, made even more intense by the powerful winds. If you love adventure, this is the place!

4). Ghenh Rang Park

A serene stroll, on which you can enjoy a beautiful sunset as the sun sets on the bay and the city. Make sure your phone is charged!

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