Exciting things to do in Sathorn – The skyscraper; stairways to the clouds!

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Bangkok holds many attractions to its millions of visitors every year, but Sathorn offers the chance for you to feel like your walking among giants with its skyscrapers that touch the sky!

Chao Phraya Tour

Arguably Thailand’s most important river, Chao Phraya, flows through Sathorn and thus, river cruises are a massive part of its attractions, easily accessible from any hotel in Silom Bangkok, of which your choices are endless, like the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel.

Image Credit: Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel


Chatuchak Weekend Market

In Sathorn, the world’s largest market is at your disposal with twenty-seven different sections spread across 27 acres of space! Everything that you can think of, to satisfy those retail cravings are available here, at Bangkok’s busiest market!

File:Weekend market bangkok.jpg
edwin11_79, Weekend market bangkokCC BY 2.0

Silom Road

The best of Sathorn’s nightlife is on Silom road, which transforms itself past dusk from the wall street of Thailand into a veritable feast of nightlife experiences you can gather! Whether it’s clubbing or street food, bars to pavement shopping, Silom Road has it all!

The Emerald Buddha/ Grand Palace

Your trip to Thailand will be incomplete if you do not this monument to Thai royalty. Constructed from the year 1782 and the official royal residence till 1925, the palace also houses the most sacred of Buddhist temples of Siam – the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

File:PB Grand Palace Bangkok.jpg
Paul Brockmeyer from Chicago, USA, PB Grand Palace BangkokCC BY 2.0

China Town

China Towns exist all over the world, but each has its own trademark. Yaowarat Road, constructed in 1891, is a testament to the relationship between the ancient Kingdoms of Siam and Imperial China that has survived to this day.

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