Private Dining in Mui Ne – Keep the Romance Alive while on Holiday!

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Having an intimate meal with your significant other while you’re on holiday can be a wonderful memory you take away from your holiday. So if you’re on holiday and looking for restaurants in Mui Ne, you can try one of the following, or try a restaurant of the hotel you’re staying at, like the ones at the Anantara Mui Ne Resort.

Image Credit: Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Luxury Bar

Located at Nguyen Dinh Chieu, the Luxury Bar is honest to goodness. it opens at 12 midnight and stays open through to 6 in the morning. This establishment has a seated dining area that offers dinner, after-hours meals ranging from pizza to fast food and drinks ranging from alcoholic to non—alcoholic drinks.

Bar 17 Kiteburek

Again located on Nguyen Dinh Chieu, this establishment serves an eclectic collection of cuisines from International fare to Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly options. Interestingly, this place is also open 24/7, so you can walk in any time you want. There is a bar you can have a drink at first before you proceed to the seated private dining.

Déjà vu Restaurant

Open from 10 in the morning till midnight, this restaurant also serves a wide range of cuisines from seafood, to Asian to Local to Russian and European but specializes in the first three. It too has vegan options on the menu. Unlike the former two, this place does not have a bar but serves alcoholic beverages.

Mot Nang Seafood

As the name itself suggests, this restaurant specializes in Seafood. While it does have vegan and vegetarian options, it is known for its seafood. The cuisine is decidedly Vietnamese and affordable in prices as well. it has a bar where you may sit and have a drink before you’re seated. They open from 3.00 pm and close shop at midnight.

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