Make Your Wish at the Wong Tai Sin Temple – In Search of Good Fortune and More

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A famed Taoist temple in Hong Kong, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is renowned as a place where you can make a wish and have your fortune told! It is also great for a sightseeing visit.

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Elisa.rolle, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple 12, CC BY-SA 3.0

Getting to the temple

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a sacred site that can be found near Temple Mall North within easy reach of hotels in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. It is around a three minute walk from Exit B2 of the Wong Tai Sin MTR Station and a 30 minute cab ride from Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong.

A bit of back-story

The temple honours Wong Tai Sin who was born in the fourth century and is believed to have become a deity at a place called Heng Shan. A merciful and powerful deity, he is said to grant wishes and has made the temple popular amongst devotees.

Making a wish

At the Wong Tai Sin Temple, you will see devotees with worship sticks kneeling in front of the main altar; they make a wish and proceed to shake a cylinder that has fortune sticks. When one of these falls out, it is exchanged for a paper that has a corresponding number. A soothsayer then interprets the devotee’s fortune based on this.

Other highlights

There is much to see here including the Yuk Yik Fountain, the Bronze Pavilion and the Yue Heung Shrine. Featuring Chinese-style temple design, it is also home to the noteworthy Grand Hall, Nine Dragon Wall and Good Wish Garden amongst other highlights.


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