Mui Ne Food Guide – When the Wild Becomes Delicious

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If you are a traveller roaming the land of Vietnam, well, exploring Mui Ne is inevitable. The place calls out to holidaymakers with its superior tourist facilities and its breath-taking beauty. But that’s not all, the cuisine here is sublime too! Let’s have a look:

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7 dishes from Dong

The Vietnamese word Dong refers to the iguana inhabits the sand dunes here. Yes, as creative as the Vietnamese get, they’ve found a way to make this wild reptile taste absolutely delicious! Dong is served in 7 ways; steamed, grilled, fried, roasted, raw, iguana pie and with porridge or vegetables.

Tha Hotpot

This is quite a unique dish served at Mui Ne restaurants. Two of the main ingredients are deep herring and boiled pork. This is served with sides that contain star fruit and various vegetables. The vegetables are served on a banana flower peel which adds more colour to the dish.

Vietnamese Pork & Shrimp Dumpling

Known in Vietnamese as Banh Quai Han, this is a common dish served at buffets in hotels like Anantara Mui Ne Resort. The crispy crust is made of wheat while the filling consists of pork and shrimp. This dish sounds delicate but is definitely a flavour bomb.

Deep Fried Snake-head fish rolled in rice paper

The snakehead fish is a common ingredient used in many local dishes and this particular dish too is often served at local eateries and restaurants. What’s different about this fish dish is that the fish is fried whole, meaning the scales too are left on the fish when frying which creates a crunchy crust.

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