Must Try Desserts in London – Satisfying Those Sweet Cravings!

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Do you have a sweet tooth or are your Instagram foodie pics mostly dessert related? For those who answer yes, here are some not to be missed dessert delights in London!

Cookie Dough

Yes, edible cookie dough with toppings is all the rage and well worth trying as part of your foodie experience when dining in Central London. Check out Naked Dough, the first cookie dough café in the UK with outlets at Westfield London and Camden Lock Market. Topping choices include chocolate chips, marshmallows & sprinkles, cookies & cream and more!


What exactly is a cronut? Well, it’s a cross between a doughnut and a croissant! Dum Dums Donutterie on Bethnal Green Road, around six minutes from Dorsett City London is a great place to try cronuts or doughnuts and flavour selection includes everything from strawberry cream to crême brûlée.

Ice Cream with Candy Floss


Here’s a match made in dessert heaven! Milk Train Café at Covent Garden is the place to go to for this dream treat which comes with a choice of ice cream flavours and toppings surrounded by a cloud of candyfloss.

Egg Waffles

No longer just a breakfast dish, waffles make great desserts too. In London, you can try what is known as egg waffles; they are made in such a way that they wrap around to make a cone which ice cream or other fillings are added along with toppings. Head to Bubblewrapwaffle on Wardour Street to give it a try!

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