The Ultimate Shopping Guide in Dubai – Shop Till You Drop!

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Dubai is one of the hippest shopping destinations in the world, it can also be called a shopaholic’s paradise. Here is a list of shopping destinations in Dubai that you should not miss.

The Dubai Mall

This is certainly a huge one, In fact, it is the biggest of all. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. It houses over 1200 stores, an aquarium, a number of movie theatres and many other is also located in the midst of many high-end hotels in Dubai Deira the likes of Avani Deira Dubai Hotel.

File:Dubai Mall-Dubai3161.JPG
Diego Delso creator QS:P170,Q28147777, Dubai Mall-Dubai3161CC BY-SA 4.0

Mall of Emirates

This is another popular mall in Dubai that is home to several flagship stores. What makes this mall stand out from the rest is that it houses an indoor ski park, yeah you read it right and indoor ski park is what makes this mall unique and it’s big!

File:Mall of the Emirates.JPG
SR Sajid RaufMall of the EmiratesCC BY-SA 4.0


Located in the less-popular region of Dubai, the Burjuman underwent a huge facelift and it recently got upgraded as an appealing mall with the addition of stalls of exquisite fashion brands and other attractions.

File:BurJuman, 2007 (01).JPG
BahnfrendBurJuman, 2007 (01)CC BY-SA 4.0

Marina Mall

Located in a prime location in the Dubai Marina Region, the comparatively small yet elegant mall boasts an outstanding architectural design and that too houses a variety of high-end stalls. This mall specializes in selling goods brought from all regions of Asia.

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