Things you should know before visiting Hangzhou China – A highly underrated destination!

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Iconic buildings, impressive skyline bustling streets and plenty of exciting things to do! This is what you’ll get to experience when you visit Hangzhou. Read on to know more.


The modern city of Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province. The populous city is located at the southern terminus of the Grand Canal waterway which happens to originate in Beijing. The city is home to a myriad of places that kindles your interests and also you get to do a lot of exciting things here.

Places of interests

There are plenty of amazing places in Hangzhou that you must visit during your stay. The West Lake, Yue Fei Temple, Liuhe, Leifeng, and Baochu pagodas, The Chinese National Silk Museum are some of the places that are worth adding to your itinerary.

File:20090524 Hangzhou West Lake 7575.jpg
Jakub Hałun20090524 Hangzhou West Lake 7575CC BY-SA 4.0

Things to do

Apart from visiting places of interests and exploring you could enjoy a variety of things, from eating local food, going on souvenir hunt, meeting new people, seeing and appreciating the local culture are some of the things you might consider doing during your stay here.

File:Hangzhou street 3.jpg
Jakob MontrasioHangzhou street 3CC BY 2.0

Accommodation options and transport

There is a variety of Hangzhou accommodation options to choose from for your stay and serviced apartments the likes of Ascott Raffles City Hangzhou are an option worth considering. Also, the city has a high-speed railway system that comes handy when you plan on travelling between the attractions in the city. You can also use any of the registered taxi services to get from point A to B in Hangzhou without any hassle.

File:High speed rail, hangzhou.jpg
Lian ChangHigh speed rail, hangzhouCC BY 2.0


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