Things you should know before visiting Hefei – A wondrous destination overlooked by many!

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Blessed with a slew of natural and manmade attractions such as rivers, lakes, historical monuments and modern buildings, Hefei is certainly one of the most underrated destinations in China. Read on to know more about this amazing city.


Hefei known as the capital of Anhui province of China is the cultural, economic, and political hub of the region. Hefei is located 130 kilometres to the west of Nanjing in south-central regions of Anhui and close to Chao Lake, which is one of the largest water bodies in China.

Hefei, Swan Lake, Lake

Things to do and see

Hefei is home to a number of religious and historical monuments such as Zhongmiao Temple, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao and Sanhe Ancient Town. At the city you can also enjoy a variety of things such as shopping tasting the local food and so much more.

Getting around

Getting around Hefei is pretty easy; the public transit is readily available round the clock. You can also get a taxi to travel between the destinations in the city.

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DKMcLarenHefei Bus No.1CC BY-SA 4.0

Accommodation options

There are plenty of options for accommodation at Hefei. Among the many choices we recommend that you plan your stay at an apart hotel like the Somerset Swan Lake Hefei to enjoy the completed freedom of travel and to enjoy a homelike stay.

Somerset Swan Lake Hefei
Image Credit: Somerset Swan Lake Hefei

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