Ubud Art Market – A Destination that Dazzles with a Host of Great Offerings

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Located at a sprawling location in the town of Ubud in Bali, this a vibrant and exciting attraction that will certainly bring delight to the hearts of shopaholics and art lovers alike. Read on to know more.


The Art Market is a destination where travellers can buy artistic things, souvenirs and anything from clothing to travel gear at an affordable price while they are in Ubud. Most the ornaments and souvenirs sold here are crafted by hand and there are a number of stalls that specializes in selling international items too.


Apart from popular the aforementioned shopping experiences, you can find a number of food stalls selling great Balinese street food and savoring the assortment of decadent delights must be added to your bucket list. Even viewing and browsing through the exclusive offerings of this market is a highlight of its own.

Getting there

Located at a sprawling region and at proximity to popular Ubud hotels the likes of Chapung Sebali, reaching the market won’t be a difficult task. You can get here either by taxi or by bike.

Things to remember

Do not agree to flat rates when you buy items here; bargain for prices all the time and compare the prices at neighbouring shops in order to better understand the price range of goods sold at the market. If you are visiting here with your children keep them close to you at all times since the place will be crowded during most times of the day. Also, keep an eye on your belongings; wearing a money belt to keep your cash is highly recommended.


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