Visit the Historical stone town in Zanzibar – An enchantingly charming city

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You’re bound to fall in love with this ancient city located in Zanzibar, accompanied by the startling blue waters of the Indian ocean just beside it. The surroundings of this city are bound to enchant you, and here’s a list of things you must do as you appreciate your surroundings.

Anglican Christ Church in Zanzibar
Anglican Christ Church in Zanzibar | Image Credit : Brandon Daniel from USA, Anglican Christ Church in Zanzibar, CC BY-SA 2.0

Wander around the old fort

The old fort is impressive, despite the crumbling structure. It houses an art gallery and curio market, and it’s free to enter. There really isn’t much to do, so you can save this to do at the very end if you’re looking for some peace and quiet time as you marvel at the ruins before you get back to your Zanzibar Beach Resort.

A giant tortoise

A day trip to Prison Island is a must. There is no need to book in advance as you’ll get a good deal as you interact with the local guides who’ll arrange the excursion for you. The boat ride is beautiful, you can also snorkel and the tortoises are well worth the visit.

A mix of religious buildings

An amazing mix of cultures and religion awaits you in Stone Town, as you travel from The Residence Zanzibar. You’re bound to witness Anglican Churches, Islamic Mosques and Hindu Temples as you walk through the town.

Street food

As you stroll along the narrow streets, make sure you stop by and taste the food available. This town is truly a street food paradise with its kebabs, samosas, roasting corn and coffee carts.

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