Explore the Ancient Rock Fortress, Sigiriya – Experience the History Behind the Ancient Wonders

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Sigiriya Rock is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka and is frequented by locals too. Planning a trip to Sigiriya Rock? Here is a bit of useful information that could come in handy.


The records have it that initially this rock was a mountain monastery for the Buddhist monks to seek seclusion for meditation and spiritual well-being. The transformation of the mountain monastery to the rock fortress begins with King Kasyapa. He who murdered his father, and usurped the throne by chasing off his brother – the rightful heir to the throne – is believed to have built the rock fortress as a hideaway for the eventual return of the brother to defeat King Kasyapa.

Bernard GagnonSigiriyaCC BY-SA 3.0

Key Attractions

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is built in tiers. There are moats and ramparts providing ample security, with passes built in among the moats from where rocks could have been rolled down to crush an oncoming army. While the moats and ramparts do provide the necessities of a fortress, King Kashyapa has made it an aesthetically pleasing residence by including a number of items. Perhaps the most famous of Sigiriya Rock’s attractions is the “Sigiri Apsaravo”, a set of frescos that depict damsels of Sigiriya walking among the clouds, their hair adorned with flowers.

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Where to stay

There are plenty of places for you to stay when visiting the rock fortress. It is possible to make this a day trip from Colombo if you are prepared for a long drive and early mornings. However, there are many Sri Lanka resorts in the area, ranging from small B&Bs to hotels by larger chains like Cinnamon Lodge Habarana. Any of these places would place you in close proximity to the rock fortress making it a convenient visit.

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Image Credit: Cinnamon Lodge Habarana

Things to Remember

Sigiriya Rock is located near Dambulla, in the district of Matale. The easiest way to get there is to drive. Exploring Sigiriya can be an ideal activity for you to pursue for a day outing in Sri Lanka. Holidays are a busy time here, with families flocking to climb the rock.

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