How to be Healthy when in Vietnam – Don’t let those bugs bite!

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No one wants to be bogged down by a traveller’s sickness when they are on holiday. Who would want to be lying around bed, unable to enjoy themselves, when there’s so much of the world to be discovered in Vietnam?


Protecting your health should be a primary concern with any traveller, because how else can you enjoy yourself? If you’re planning on a wellness retreat in Vietnam the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort, then keep reading for a few more tips.

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The Sun

Vietnam is a tropical country, meaning the climate is a lot hotter than most are used to. Remember that heat strokes and sunstrokes are no joke and therefore, protection against the sun is a serious part of things you should think about. Getting a tan on might be the goal, but don’t forget to put on sunblock, and more importantly, be hydrated!

The Water

One can go without food longer than one can go without water. But water is also something that can easily transmit those unwanted bugs of disease. While drinking water/fluids is an inevitable part of life, doing it more so in Vietnam is a must because of the climate. Alternate between water, bottled and sealed ones of course, and coconut water is a good idea to stay hydrated and refreshed.

The Food

Food is another necessity through which diseases can be transmitted. Remember to make sure you eat at places that hygiene standards and ensure that your food is completely cooked. Eating raw food, which is readily available in Vietnam must be done with plenty of caution. There is plenty of fresh food available but approach with caution.

The Animals

Insect-borne diseases are not unheard of or uncommon in Vietnam. So take plenty of bug repellant products and wear clothes that cover you when possible. Mosquitoes will be your biggest enemy of all in this regard!

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