Keeping Maldive Paradise Pristine – Preserving Pristineness!

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The Maldives is certainly a wonderland for those who seek absolute Peace and relaxation. The archipelago boasts stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, clear waters, vibrant and healthy reefs and a variety of other marine life. Read on to know how Maldivians and resorts properties keep the Maldives as pristine as it looks today.

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Image Credit: Kurumba Maldives

Coral Gardening

Most of the resort islands and some the populated islands actively engage in Coral Gardening, it is a method of encouraging the growth of corals by building barriers around the islands in order to minimize beach erosion and reduce damages caused to the corals by wave action.

Waste Water Management

Managing wastewater and stopping it from reaching the sea is crucial to protect these fragile ecosystems. Most islands have water treatment plants that will eventually purify the water before it gets released to the ocean.

Clean electricity

Electricity generation from renewable energy sources such as solar radiation and wave power is increasing among the resort islands. Maldives resorts the likes of Kurumba Maldives even have water heaters that function using solar energy.

Inorganic waste management

Materials like plastic bottles, utensils, and bottles made of glass and other metallic objects such as tin cans, almost all of these are recycled in these islands. Most of the resort properties take recycling very seriously and they use a lot of innovative ways to manage inorganic waste. E.g. fragments of recycled glass are added with cement as aggregate materials when building new structures within the islands.

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