Trekking the Sinharaja Rain Forest – Facts to Know Before Your Visit

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Consisting of giant trees growing to massive heights to reach the sunlight, this nature reserve, known as the Sinharaja Forest is famous the world over for its wonderful biodiversity! Want to learn more? Here are a few facts to know before beginning your trek through this thicket.

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Saqib QayyumSinharaja Forest lakeCC BY-SA 3.0


This forest consists of evergreens that have been around for many long years. These trees tend to hit heights of 40-50 meters in their attempt to catch some sunlight. Out of 211 species of trees and lianas found here, 139 are said to be indigenous to Sinharaja Forest.

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Dan Lundberg20160128 Sri Lanka 4107 Sinharaja Forest Reserve sRGB (25468886730)CC BY-SA 2.0

Weather conditions

The Sinharaja Forest is lucky enough to receive rain from both monsoons that pass by in Sri Lanka. Downpours from the south-west monsoon can be seen from May-July while rains from the north-east are prevalent from November-January. February remains the only dry month here. Temperatures on average range from 18-27ºC.

The reserve

This amazing spot of nature was identified by UNESCO in 1988 and has been deemed a World Heritage Site since! The reserve is, in fact, smaller than most in Sri Lanka, nevertheless, it borders 3 districts; Galle, Matara and Ratnapura.


There are so many creatures to spot on your trek in Sinharaja Forest. Some of the larger mammals to look out for would be the leopard, sambar, jackal and wild boar. Smaller animals include the otter, porcupine, mongoose and so on. When on tour with a Sri Lanka travel agency the likes of Aitken Spence Travels, guides may help you spot these exotic animals.

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Faslan, SrilankaLeopard in wildCC BY-SA 3.0

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