A beginners’ travel guide to Thailand – Preparing you for exploration

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Located in southeast Asia, Thailand is one of those countries where everyone’s got something to look forward to. The country has got it all from the best beaches, nightlife and heritage and culture too!


Usually, those coming to the country from the UK, US and EU are allowed free visa for 30 days if they have arrived by air and 15 days free for those who arrive over land. If you prefer a longer stay, it is advisable to apply for a tourist visa via any Thai embassy well in advance.


Thailand is, without doubt, a safe place to travel to. There may be a few odd cases of scam, therefore is better to do a bit of research before you begin your journey.

File:Bangkok 2014 PD 035.jpg
Bin im GartenBangkok 2014 PD 035CC BY 3.0

Language and communication

In the main tourist islands of Thailand, people are fairly versed in English as most of them work in the tourism industry. However, towards the north of Thailand and in rural villages, there may be very few who speak English. Nonetheless, communication is not hindered! A smiling face and charades will do just fine!


If you plan your trip to coincide with a festival, your visit is sure to be even more delightful! Celebrations such as Loy Krathong and Songkran are celebrated even in Bangkok resorts, even in popular hotels like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. These experiences are certainly magical!

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JJ Harrison ([email protected]), Songkran 10 – AyutthayaCC BY-SA 3.0

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