Hummanaya Blow Hole – An attraction like no other!

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Located at the down south region of Sri Lanka, The Hummanaya Blow Hole is a must visit attraction during your time in the country. Read on to know more about this amazing attraction and the region surrounding it.

What is a Blow Hole?

Found mostly along the coastal areas, a blowhole is a geological feature. This strange yet amazing phenomenon occurs when underwater caverns fill up with sea water. Then due to the build-up of pressure and through ‘hydraulic action’, water bursts out as a fountain which will be a spectacle to watch.

Blowhole| Img by: Shaakunthala via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

The blowhole in Hummanaya

Considered to be the second largest in the world, this blowhole sprays water to heights up to a whopping 25 metres. With more and more travellers visiting this destination, it has now been developed as a major tourist attraction with an information centre on the marine life around the region and a viewing platform.

Getting there

Hummanaya is located approximately a kilometre away from a small fishing town known by the name Kudawella, in the southern province of Sri Lanka. you can reach this site from Matara town by bus or a tuk-tuk.

Accommodation options

There are a lot of accommodation options you could choose from near towns such as Matara and Dickwella. A Dickwella resort known by the name Soul Resorts could be an option worth considering if you plan on staying longer on your visit to Hummanaya.



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