St. Mary’s Church – A Glimpse into Negombo History

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The St.Mary’s Church in Negombo is a sign of early Christianity in Sri Lanka and for those who are in that part of the country, dropping into this gorgeous church will be a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon or even an evening.

St. Mary’s Church negombo| Img by: Rudolph.A.furtado via Wikimedia Commons


Christianity became a popular religion in Sri Lanka after the Portuguese brought it in, during the 16th century. Even before that, there is historical evidence to prove that smaller groups of Christian communities were a part of the island.

The Church

St. Mary’s Church in Negombo was built by the Dutch when they came to the country in the 17th century. During this time, Catholicism was banned and they gave importance to the Protestant way of living.


Many beach hotels in Sri Lanka happen to be in Negombo, and establishments like Amagi Hotels are located close to the Church of St. Mary.


This church may have been a place of religion and still is now, but more than that, the church is also a very prominent landmark in Negombo, making it a must visit place when you are a traveller or tourist who happens to be in that part of coastal Sri Lanka.



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