A first-time traveller’s guide to London – The travellers’ favourite city

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London is an overwhelming city with plenty to do and see, therefore, if it’s your first time visiting this city, you’ll have to plan it way ahead of time. Here are a few tips to make your planning process easier!

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Stick to the city centre!

A very important factor you must take into consideration before booking your hotel is to ensure your accommodation is as close as possible to central London. If not, you can opt for one of London west end hotels which means easy travelling to central London; Dorsett Shepherds Bush, London is an ideal option!

Don’t try to see everything

Let’s be realistic, seeing every single tourist attraction in London is not possible, especially if you’re there for only a few days. London is huge, and you require sufficient time to get used to the city! It’s simply not possible for you to see all the landmarks, so make a list of the attractions you absolutely want to see!

Avoid holidays and school breaks

Being an extremely popular city, London is constantly full of eager visitors. Therefore, it’s best you consider visiting at a time with no holidays or school breaks. The crowds will be much lower during off-season time, and possibly the prices cheaper!

Use public transport

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get about in London is to use public transport! For the complete experience, try as many different means of transport as possible. Once you get the hang of public transport, you’re bound to travel this way, it’s much better!

London is a huge and vibrant city, therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit, planning in advance is very important to make your trip a smooth and enjoyable one!

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